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Having Great Pictures To Post Online Is the Most Important Secret Staging Tip & Is Guaranteed to Keep Money in Your Pocket!   Scroll down this page to see some before and after examples.

Important things to know about Staging:

  • Taking great exterior pictures showing off the exterior of the home is vital in getting Top Dollar. Take pictures of your home in the Spring and Summer. Come to one of our seminars and get a “Free Exterior Photo Shoot” of your home, which includes video and still pictures all on a disk to show your friends and family!
  • Fighting the Staging Shark keeps the water clear of all the other Home Selling Sharks because a well-staged home will get top dollar by creating hassle-free negotiations.
  • An Expert Realtor® has a structured staging system and is not afraid to promote their intense staging secrets.
  • An Expert Realtor® will not price a home until they know the seller’s commitment to staging, as more staging = more money.
  • An Expert Realtor® spends thousands of dollars marketing a home, they will not commit to selling a home that is not staged properly.
  • No 2 homes are staged the same! An Expert Realtor® spends 1 to 2 hours doing a room-by-room review, creating your home’s personal staging strategy.
  • A poorly staged home historically sells for less, takes longer to sell, and attracts demanding, relentless Buyers.
  • Beware of the Average Realtor® who tells a Seller what they want to hear. They’ll tell you “Oh, you don’t have to do that much staging…” just to “get” the listing and do not have your best interest in mind. They slap a sign on the lawn, get buyer calls from the sign and sell the buyer another home if yours is not for them. They figure that sooner or later, the seller will reduce the price and they’ll get a commission check as they lock the seller into a lengthy listing contract with no Easy-Exit Agreement.