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At the seminar, we answer many of the Top 10 Questions Home Sellers Ask before selling their home. We have created video clips from our past webinars for you to view. It is so important to“Be Prepared” when selling your home up to 1 year in advance. Most people just decide to sell their home and pick up the phone to call someone they know in real estate.

Just like you have a doctor already in your phone book, find an Expert Realtor® to be on your Real Estate Planning Team. Your Home is one of your largest assets in your Financial Portfolio, it should treated as an asset. Many Sellers just hire someone they know to sell their home without knowing if they are the BEST person for the job. Get an Expert in your home up to 1 year in advance of selling………this is the key to selling your home for top dollar.

Please look below to find some Staging and Marketing video clips. It is our hope you can make it to a seminar! Trust me when I tell you, you won’t be disappointed.