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Having Professional Photo’s of your home , taken when your home looks its best makes a Huge difference when it comes to setting you apart from the competition when you list your home.  When your home looks its best on the outside, you need to take pictures. For example, you may have a tree that only blooms in the Spring—take a picture of it. If you are driving home and your home is gleaming, take a picture. Also, take pictures during different seasons.

Ultimately, you should hire your Realtor®months to years in advance to do this for you. Your Realtor® should have a professional camera, with a wide angle lens and take beautiful professional pictures of your home. Also, your Realtor® should subscribe to a Video Tour company and take fabulous video of your home. Then your home can be placed on the “Coming Soon Listings” website (www.ComingSoonListings.com) with a short blurb about your home and fabulous pictures of the outside of your property.

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