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Home Seller Workshop For Future Home Sellers!! Find out the 5 Biggest Mistakes Home Sellers Are Making When Selling Their Home Right Now!!

Also FInd out Diane’s #1 Strategy That Can Sell Your Home in Hours and Keep Thousands in Your Pocket

Diane holds Home Seller Workshops every month reporting the economic conditions of the real estate market and how it will affects the value of your home.

Most of Diane’s workshops are on a Saturday morning and are help virtually on Zoom. Two to 3 times a year Diane broadcasts live from a location and you can enjoy breakfast on Diane while watching the live broadcast.

Diane starts her workshops going over the current state of the real estate market, sharing graphs and statistics that you will not see anywhere else! Then Diane explains a few of her home selling strategies that will guarantee selling your home faster keeping more money in your pocket.

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This seminar specifically caters to “Future” home sellers who understand they need to start preparing from 1 month to 2 years in advance in order to get top dollar when selling their home.

Thousands of people have attended our seminars.  Whether you need tips on Staging, Pricing, Marketing, Negotiating, or Overseeing Transactional Details, you will leave our seminar much savvier than when you walked in!

Today’s real estate market requires home sellers to employ countless marketing strategies to help protect their asset from the Home Selling Sharks.  Learn why it is so important that your real estate consultant spends $$$$$, has an extensive marketing background, and has creative marketing systems already in place.

All attendees at the live events will receive a free autographed copy of Diane’s Home Selling Shark book, a Seminar Graduate Certificate, and a tee-shirt that says “You Have Survived The Home Selling Shark Workshop. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions pertaining to your specific needs.

Also, all attendees will receive a new secret tip emailed to them on a monthly basis to continuously educate you through the home selling process as well as an updated market report for their area and their home.

We are looking forward to sharing everything that we know about the home selling process in this New World of Real Estate.



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