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Is this seminar really FREE?

Yes! This Home Seller Seminar is absolutely FREE. There is absolutely no cost or obligation to attend this seminar. Thousands of Home Sellers have already taken advantage of this valuable seminar and our last 2 workshops filled to overflow. Don’t miss out this time.

Can I bring a guest with me?

Yes! You may invite up as many homeowner guests besides you and your spouse / partner / roommate.

What do I get when I attend the Seminar?
  • FREE 40-page Home Seller Handbook
  • FREE Advice from an Expert Realtor®
  • FREE “Questions to Ask a Realtor® Before Hiring Them”
  • FREE “Profile of An Expert Realtor®” worksheet
  • Discuss “Myths of Appraisals”
  • Access to Seller Seminar Alumni Website
What is an Expert Realtor? Do I really need one?

The average number of homes a Realtor sells in 1 year is approximately 4 homes. If you were to have surgery, wouldn’t you choose the most qualified and experienced surgeon? Just as you want the best doctor, you want the best Realtor as well.

The key to finding an Expert is to interview several Realtors until you find the one who answers most of your questions correctly. At this seminar you will get a list of the “Questions to Ask a Realtor Before Hiring Them”. You may find that the Realtor you already know (family friend or neighbor) is not an expert. Actually, only 1% of Realtors should be considered Experts – having enough experience and knowledge with listing homes, especially Empty Nester Homes.

If you don’t already know a Realtor, go online (or have someone help you go online) to see which Realtors have the qualities that are revealed in this seminar. In your booklet, you will find an entire page listing the “Profile of An Expert Realtor”. Also, go online and Google the name of the Realtor you were thinking of hiring with the word Realtor after their name. If you do not get over 10,000 results, stop thinking of using that Realtor.

Bottom line: you deserve first class real estate consulting! Today, people are busier than ever. It’s crucial that you receive superb consulting, expert negotiating and top notch transactional management.

More about this topic will be in your booklets and reviewed at the seminar.

How do I Reserve my seat at the Seminar?